Important changes to First York bus services

routes 66 and 66A

Changes to Bus Service

York Sport Village would wish to make our customers aware of new route and timetable changes implemented by First York, as of Sunday 20th May 2018.

The changes that First York have made can be found on their website here.

We are very disappointed that these route and timetable changes have been implemented by First York as we feel this may disrupt many of our customers’ journeys to and from the York Sport Village. These changes have not been made at the request of York Sport Village.

So what are the changes?
Briefly, the changes are as follows:

66 Service

• The 66 service will no longer travel along Lakeside Way and stop at York Sport Village. Instead it will travel along Field Lane and terminate at the Campus East Interchange.

66A Service 

• This will now be the only service to regularly stop at York Sport Village. The new 66A bus route will travel along Lakeside Way and will run approximately every 15mins Monday to Saturday, and every 30minutes on Sundays.
• This new service will run between the following times:
Monday to Friday
• Term Time – 07:22 and 20:25
• Holidays – 08:25 and 18:10
• Term Time – 09:29 and 19:30
• Holidays – 10:25 and 17:35
• Term Time – 10:25 and 18:05
• Holidays – 10:25 and 17:35

How will this effect me?
Essentially, these changes will mainly effect customers who use the bus routes first thing in the morning or later in the evening. However, the reduced running times could also add extra travelling time to journeys for daytime customers too.
Who should I contact if I am not happy with these changes? 
If you would like to make any comments on the route and timetable changes, we would suggest to get in touch with either the University of York Travel and Transport team directly via: or First York: