Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

Coronavirus Update

We’re opening up in July! – 16/7/21

Following this week’s government briefing which provided further details in regards to the removal of Covid restrictions and legislation on Monday 19th July, we are happy to share our current plans for all York Sport facilities. Whilst we understand the removal of these restrictions will come as good news to many, we also appreciate that for others this may cause some concern and anxiety. Our guiding principle throughout the Covid period has been a precautionary approach; while most legal restrictions cease, we will continue to  take a measured approach and to take on board all feedback received over the last 16 months. 

We feel that our approach will provide increased freedom and flexibility in facility access and usage, combined with some of the more popular Covid secure processes such as enhanced cleaning and sanitisation processes. The government has made clear that it is everyone’s personal responsibility to keep themselves and others safe. Without guidance or legislation in place, this will obviously result in differences over how we do this. We recognise that each individual will have very different views about the move to Step 4 Ultimately we urge everyone who enters our facilities to be respectful and considerate of the personal choices of others. This includes both staff and customers. Together we can continue to keep our facilities safe, clean and welcoming for all.

This is why we will move to a position of strongly recommending the use of face coverings when moving around buildings, including communal areas, and areas where there are likely to be high numbers or concentrations of people. We will also regularly review our stance both ahead of the start of term and midway through term one. 



FAQ’s – General Access & Use

·Will I need to socially distance in the facility?

No. There will be no requirement to socially distance, but we ask you to respect other customers’ personal space and choices. Where possible we would strongly recommend making use of any space available and to socially distance as a matter of good practice.

·Will I need to wear a face covering in the building?

No. There will be no requirement to wear a face covering in the building. However, we would strongly recommend the use of face coverings when moving around buildings, including communal areas, and areas where there are likely to be high numbers or concentrations of people such as changing rooms, toilets and narrow corridors. Whilst wearing a face covering is not mandatory, we ask you to respect other customers’ personal space and choices.

·Will there still be a one-way system in operation within the facility?

York Sport Village:

Whilst we have removed the one way systems in areas such as the gym and poolside, we have maintained the one way system within the higher traffic areas of the building. This is to avoid unnecessary congestion in areas such as the reception lobby, cafe and staircases.

York Sport Centre:

We will continue to operate a one way system in reception leading to the gym and the corridor accessing indoor sporting activity. We will also continue to have 1 way stair cases in the gym.

·Will the facility be accepting cash payments again?

No, at this time, we are unable to recommence cash payments.

·Will the Sports Cafe seating area be returning?

Yes. From Monday 19th July there will be a limited number tables and chairs available to use. We will be retaining the one-way queuing system in place to order your drinks and food as a temporary measure and will review in consultation with customer feedback and the cafe team.

·Will we have access to water fountains?

Yes. they will be available to fill up water-bottles, but you will not be able to drink directly from them. We are currently awaiting new filters for all of our water fountains and we expect to have them up and running soon.



FAQ’s –  Group Exercise Classes

·Will I still need to pre-book Group Exercise classes?

Yes. You will still need to pre-book for group exercise as you did prior to Covid restrictions.

·Will the 7-day booking period return?

Yes. From 26th July you will be able to book for your favourite group exercise class 7 days in advance.

·Will I need to socially distance in classes?

No. However, we encourage suitable space between all class users to alleviate any concerns and to support enjoyable class participation. We ask you to respect other gym users’ personal space and choices. Where possible we would strongly recommend making use of any space available and to socially distance as a matter of good practice.

·Will the class programme change?

Yes. We will be introducing a new Group Exercise programme from Monday 26th July to reflect the new changes.

·Will the class capacities increase?

Yes, but this will be done over a phased period. From 19th July, class capacities will be initially set to 60% capacity (based on pre-Covid programming). We will then gradually increase class capacities based on member and instructor feedback.

·Why are you not increasing class capacities to 100% straight away?

We have made the decision based on member feedback and have also discussed capacities with our amazing instructor team. Returning to maximum capacity classes immediately could be very overwhelming for both members and staff, especially given the very limited capacity allowed during the last 12 months. Therefore, we feel a gradual increase is the best way to increase capacity safely and also help members acclimatise to more crowded spaces.

·Will I still be expected to clean equipment both before and after use?

Yes. This will continue to be expected and based on feedback, we will continue to provide cleaning spray bottles and cloths to assist with this. There will also be sanitisation wipes and hand gels located around the studios for use.


FAQ’s – Health Suite

·Will the health suite be reopening?

Yes, but not immediately.

·Why not immediately?

Initially our intention was to reopen facilities in the health suite from 19th July onwards. We have also been working towards funding a planned improvement of the facilities later in the year.

The good news is that we have received permission and funds that will enable us to make these improvements sooner.

In order to complete this project quickly, proprietary work will need to commence next week. We expect to have the health suite back open and available to members by the start of September (confirmed timescales will be promoted in due course).

·What improvements are taking place?

The main improvement will be within the cabin space. Following member feedback, we will be removing the two small cabins (sauna and steam room) and replacing them with one large sauna cabin.

This improved space will provide space for up to 20 members, therefore more than doubling the overall capacity of the health suite. We will also be looking to make the space more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing for members.

·When do you expect to reopen the Health Suite?

We will be confirming dates for completion in due course but expect the project to take between 6-8 weeks to complete.


FAQ’s – Public swimming sessions

·Will I still need to pre-book my pool session?

Yes. For the time being you will still need to pre-book your swimming session to guarantee a space. This is planned to be a temporary measure throughout the summer and we will review this system ahead of the next pool programme review, due to take place in early September.

Public sessions will continue to be booked 3-days in advance for members and 2-days for pay as you go customers. Family swim sessions will however be able to be booked upto 7-days in advance from 26th July.

·Will there be a new timetable?

Yes. We will be introducing a new swimming programme from Monday 26th July to reflect the new guidance provided by Swim England. 

The new programme will be much more flexible with allocated lane swim sessions as well as more family friendly sessions and open water space during the summer.

The new programme will run through to early September at which point we will reflect on any feedback received and make any necessary adjustments.

·Will I need to socially distance in the pool?

No. There will be no requirement to socially distance, but we ask you to respect other swimmers personal space and choices. Where possible we would strongly recommend making use of any space available and to socially distance as a matter of good practice.

·Will there still be a one-way system in operation within the pool hall?

No. You will be able to move freely around the pool hall, but again we ask you to respect other swimmers personal space and where possible socially distance as a matter of good practice.


FAQ’s – Swimming Lessons

·Will swimming lessons continue as normal?

Yes. It is our intention to keep operating swimming lessons and form a key part of our swimming programme during the summer months.

·Will we still be using the Swim Marquee as the point of entry?

Yes. For the time being we will be keeping the marquee and maintaining the entry system that has become familiar to weekday afternoon and weekend lessons since we relaunched in April. Weekday morning classes will continue to use the changing village as normal.

During the summer we will be working on a plan to reintroduce the changing village for both entry and exit to/from all swimming lessons. This may include some trial sessions on various days. The swim team will communicate any changes in due course.

·Will swimming teachers be returning into the water to teach lessons?

Yes. It is our intention to reintroduce swimming instructors back into the pool, although there is no timescale for this yet. We will be working with our swim development team to plan for this and will communicate any changes in due course directly with swimmers parents/guardians.


FAQ’s – Outdoor facilities

·Will there be any restrictions imposed on activities or bookings outside?

No. All bookings and sports will be able to take place unrestricted as was the norm prior to the pandemic. Casual bookings will be able to be made via reception 7-days in advance (pre-payment is required to secure your booking).

Block bookings or events can be booked via our bookings team email

·Will I be able to hire equipment?

Details yet to be confirmed so please continue to advise all users to bring their own equipment to play sport.


FAQ’s – Members Changing Rooms

·Will members’ changing rooms be fully opened?

Yes. From 19th July the members’ changing rooms will fully open. This will include access to showers. Members wishing to use the swimming pool will still be required to check in at reception and use the changing village whilst work is undertaken on the health suite (please see Health Suite section).

Changing  rooms at the York Sport Centre will be fully open with shower access.

·Will hairdryers and straighteners be available?

Yes. All facilities will be available for use.

·Will I need to socially distance in the changing rooms?

No. There will be no requirement to socially distance, but we ask you to respect other members personal space and choices. Where possible we would strongly recommend making use of any space available and to socially distance as a matter of good practice.

·Will members be able to use the members changing rooms for swimming?

Not immediately. As a temporary measure you will still be required to check in via reception and use the changing village. This is due to improvement works taking place in the Health Suite (please see Health Suite section for details).

If you have any query that has not been covered, please email

All the best

– – The York Sport Team

Postponing The Swim Scheme – 8/7/21

In order to minimise inconvenience and uncertainty as to whether or not we will be able to adequately stage lessons in coming days, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily postpone the York Sport Swim Scheme, due to the current circumstances several of our swimming teachers are currently self isolating.

There will be no lessons from tomorrow (Thursday 8th July 2021) until Wednesday the 14th July when they will fully resume.

We are continuing to follow all guidelines as laid out by the government and Swim England and will continue to adapt our delivery in coming weeks in line with Government guidance provided this week.

In relation to this update, those who pay upfront for their lessons will have their lesson credits moved on to the next lesson from 13th July onwards. Those who pay via direct debit have 2 weeks of cancellations built into the direct debit plan.  We will refund those who have more than 2 cancellations over a 12 month period.

We have contacted everyone on the swim scheme who will be effected by this postponement and anyone who may need to go into self isolation as a result of this.

We will provide an update on any future measures next week but until classes restart we are able to offer these new sessions in their place:

  • Friday 9th July
    • 4pm Family Swim
    • 5pm Family Swim
    • 6pm Lane Swim
  • Saturday 10th July
    • 8.30am Family Swim
    • 9.30am Family Swim
    • 10.30am Family Swim
    • 11.30am Family Swim
  • Monday 12th July
    • 4pm Family Swim
    • 5pm Family Swim
    • 6pm Lane Swim
  • Tuesday 13th July
    • 4pm Family Swim
    • 5pm Family Swim
    • 6pm Lane Swim

All these new sessions are now bookable via phone call or the booking portal.

All the best

– York Sport team

NB: Some communications went out saying lessons would resume on Wednesday the 13th of July, this was an error as Wednesday is the 14th. Lessons will resume Wednesday the 14th July . Apologies for the error.

More Gym, More Swim, More Class – 14/5/21

With Covid restrictions relaxing on Monday, we are making some significant changes, including the return of indoor classes on the 17th May!  Some of our larger changes will come in to place from Monday 24th May, which will give us some time to get these in place properly and make changes to staffing rota’s.  These changes have been put in place following member feedback, but also ensuring we still stay safe and follow Covid guidelines.

The Return of Indoor Classes!
We have been looking forward to getting everyone back into classes and starting form Monday we will be restarting our indoor fitness classes! Our online classes will still continue as will some of our outdoor classes, especially since as our Cycle Shed has received some great reviews.

Click here to see our new Fitness Class Timetable – Indoor, Outdoor and Online

Please note, Monday Morning LBT and Pilates with Lou and 09:45 and 10:45, and Thursday Body Combat in the velodrome at 18:00 will start week commencing 24th May

Squash and Badminton Courts
Our indoor squash and badminton courts at the York Sport Centre reopen Monday! You will be able to book both courts from Saturday the 15th of May

Increase in Gym Space!
Starting form the 24th May, we are adding more bookable gym sessions to both the York Sport Village and York Sport Centre.  The number of spaces will rise from 2,425 per week, to 2,985 spaces per week at the village alone! This is following member feedback that it has been difficult to book and we hope the increase in bookable gym sessions will help.

Increase in Swim Space
From 24th May there will be an extra 14 swim sessions during the week, this is an additional 350 swim spaces available Monday to Friday. We have also added an additional family swim on Sundays so everyone can enjoy more time in the pool.

We are constantly listening to your feedback and making changes to help improved your experience with us at York Sport. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch. Thank you

– – The York Sport Team

We’re Back! – 19/4/21

It’s been a busy week as we’ve welcomed back gym users to York Sport Centre and the York Sport Village, and we are please to say we’ve received fantastic feedback from members about the improvements we’ve made over lock down, and it’s been great to see you all back!

Last week also saw the return of our swimming lessons with the help of the friendly neighbourhood town crier. As a welcome back treat, we handed out over 800 goodie bags to all children who have attended lessons, which judging by the reactions went down really well! We even appeared on BBC’s look north; telling all of Yorkshire that we’re back for swimming lessons and how great it is to have everyone back int he pool.

We also saw the tennis bubble at the York Sport Centre come down for the summer, giving us more outdoor spaces for outdoor tennis courts and netball courts. This does mean that we have less indoor space and indoor tennis will return in the autumn when the bubble returns, but we hope everyone will enjoy the outdoor courts more as sun is shining.
Whats next?
As the lock down restrictions ease we will begin the process of returning to normal, but until then we will maintain the social distancing measure and one way system in both facilities. We will be restarting indoor fitness classes starting May 17th, with some classes remaining outdoors so we so maintain larger class sizes, and enjoy the sun.
We look forward to seeing you back in the gym, in the pool or at one of our classes

– The York Sport Team

Road map to reopening – 12/3/21

“Following the recent announcement of end of lockdown plans we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back.

While we have been closed to business, the team have worked tirelessly helping with the test centre, catering, cleaning and delivering wider support across our local community. However, we are happy that we can again fully focus on ensuring our facilities and services are ready to meet expectations, alleviate any concerns you may have and to adhere to guidelines that will still seemingly still be applied to what is possibly a while to come.

The way in which we reopened previously was very well received and our focus on safety, hygiene and service will remain. We continue to explore all avenues to enable us to maximise opportunities that will get everyone back and as active as we all wish.

The last year and last few winter months have been particularly challenging and for some there will understandable concern and anxiety about how to get started again. Please contact us if this is the case and we will do all we can to alleviate any such concerns and to liaise with you to ensure you, or in the case of swimming lessons, that your children come back and leave smiling again.

We cannot wait to open our doors again.

Stay well”

Keith Morris – Head of Sport

Here is our road map to reopening:

Monday 29th March

  • Our outdoor facilities at the York Sport Village reopen including the 3G pitches and cycle track.
  • Our outdoor facilities at the York Sport Centre reopen including the Tennis Courts and Athletic Stadium.
  • We will be starting outdoor fitness classes at the York Sport Village.
  • More information will follow.

Monday 12th April

  • Our Gym’s at both York Sport Village, and York Sport Centre will reopen for members with a 3 day booking period as before.
  • Our Swimming pool will reopen for member and pay as you go swimming with a 3 day booking period as before.
  • We will reopen our Member Changing Rooms (at York Sport Village) for those attending the gym and classes.  The changing area and lockers will be available, however the showers will be out of use.
  • The Swimming Changing Village will continue to be used by both members and pay as you go customers for all pool sessions

Monday 17th May

  • In line with the government’s road map, we are hoping to restart our indoor fitness classes on 17th May.

All COVID-19 precautions that were in place before this latest lockdown will still be in place when we reopen.  The restrictions are in place to ensure safety for all customers and staff, and we really appreciate your co-operation with this.

For facility opening times, please check our Opening Hours page.

We can’t wait to get back to being active. See you all soon!

Statement regarding Government announcement – 22/2/21

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement to Parliament this afternoon and government press conference this evening, we have been given the outline of the 4 stages of how restrictions will be eased over the coming months.

As ever, we are keen to ensure that you are kept informed and updated, so will communicate further once we have had a chance to formulate plans and consider the details (which is rarely covered during announcements or in newspaper headlines).

Experience tells us that it is likely that it will take a few days for the government to share the specific guidance around reopening to Sport England, UK Active, Swim England and individual sport national governing bodies.  As we have done previously, we will gather and ensure that all appropriate information is communicated to all members and York Sport users as soon as possible.

We share the strongly held desire to get active as soon as possible and we are keen to facilitate this. However, we will only be able to do so when we have full details that will enable us to welcome everyone back as soon as possible, and in a safe and organised way.

Memberships and Swimming Lessons remain frozen, and all other facilities and on-site services remain closed.  We will update all customers with further information in due course.

Thank you again, for your patience, support and understanding which as ever, is very much appreciated as we look ahead to supporting our active community and post covid recovery.

National Lockdown and memberships – 1/2/21

York Sport Centre, and York Sport Village facilities are closed until further notice, and we have frozen all memberships until the lockdown ends.

Memberships & Swimming Lessons

  • If you pay your membership or swimming lessons by monthly direct debit your payments have been stopped and we will be in touch to confirm when they will restart after reopening.
  • If you pay upfront for the year or 3 months for your membership, then the length of time that we have been closed will be added on to your expiry date when we reopen.
  • If you pay in 7 or 12 week blocks for swimming lessons, your remaining credit will be used for lessons when they restart after reopening.

When we are permitted to reopen facilities we will be in touch with all customers to confirm reopening arrangements and how this will work for your payments and expiry dates.  If you do have any queries in the meantime then please contact

We will update you as soon as we know more, until then, stay safe.

All the best
– The York Sport Team

Tier 3 Restrictions for York – 31/12/20

York has moved into Tier 3 restrictions from 31st December 2020.  As a result York Sport can no longer offer Indoor Fitness Classes to customers, in line with government guidance.  Our live-stream classes will continue through the York Sport Wellness App, all classes listed in Studio 3 on the timetable will be live-streamed.

The York Sport Village Gym and Swimming Pool will remain open as normal.  The Sport Centre Gym is due to reopen on Monday 11th January with more information to follow.

We’re Reopening 3rd December!  – 30/11/20

We are pleased to say we will be reopening on Thursday 3rd December! We can’t wait to see all of you back. We will be reopening exactly as we were before we closed; with 3 days advance bookings on gym slots, fitness classes and swimming sessions. As we have postponed swimming lessons until the New Year, we will be sticking with our swimming timetable from before lockdown, meaning more swimming sessions will be available to book in December!

Our online classes will continue on Zoom until the end of this year. We have been hard at work trying to resolve the issues with our York Sport wellness app and after consulting our technical wizards, we have upgraded our streaming equipment to provide high quality and consistent live stream classes. We hope to relaunch our live stream classes through the York Sport Wellness app in the New Year. Online memberships will remain frozen until the new year.

Unfortunately, the York Sport Centre will not be reopening until the 4th January as our main sports hall has been transformed into a covid-19 testing facility. All members of the York Sport Centre will have access to the Sport Village during this time. If you are a Sport Centre member and would like access to the Sport Village during this time, please contact us at

Lastly, all members should have received an email with information on how the November lockdown affected membership payments. If you did not receive this or have further questions, please email

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!

– The York Sport Team

York Santa Run  – 28/11/20

Students on campus will today find in their #UoYLockdownLoot goodie bags, a Santa hat or two! Now its not just to wear while sitting inside all day, this is for the Santa run or Santa walk you’re about to do!

We’re encouraging as many students as possible to don the Santa hats and to run a distance that challenges them in aid of two local causes which help students and those in the local community: Mentally Fit York and YourCafe.

But its not just for students on campus, on no, everybody can get up and get out this December with some festive cheer!

So pop on a Santa hat and get out for some fresh air! Walk, run, hop or roll, as far as you can. You can go by yourself, or in your bubble, but please be responsible and respect social distancing guidance and remember when you’re out for your walk/run/ramble, make sure to take a photo with your Santa hats on, tag @YorkSport1 (Instagram and twitter) and use #YorkSanta to share the festive spirit!

For more information and to donate to these amazing charities, click here

Lockdown two: Electric Boogaloo  – 04/11/20

We can now confirm that we will be closing on Thursday 5th November in line with government rules for Lock down. All members will have received an email regarding membership payments, so please check your spam folders as they contain some important information. If you have to received an email, please email

At the moment we fully intend to open again on Thursday 3rd December.  We will keep you up to date if anything changes regarding lock down rules.

During the previous lockdown our amazing team of instructors hosted virtual fitness classes, and we are proud to say we will be hosting live classes again. This time we will do it by Zoom rather than Facebook live or the York Sport Wellness app. Each class on the online timetable will have it’s own zoom link. We will release the online timetable soon, so keep an eye out for the information coming out very soon!

Lastly, York Unlimited giving back day starts today! Like our classes earlier in the year, these classes will be free for everyone. but if anyone that wants to make a donation to York Unlimited Giving Day at to help support mental health initiatives throughout the city, that would be amazing. Thank you.


Lockdown Update – 2/11/20

Following the government lockdown announcement on Saturday we are seeking additional clarification of lockdown arrangements. This will be provided through a number of meetings planned for today and we will seek to provide updates as soon as possible.

Following previous announcements, clarification from the University, DCMS and Sport England has aided the decisions we have taken but this has only been possible in the days after an initial government announcement. Ahead of Thursday’s lockdown deadline set by the Government it is possible that things will be the same again on this occasion.

We are currently in the process of seeking clarification on universities exemption from lockdown, and will confirm details when we have them. In the meantime we can confirm that swimming lessons due to start this week have now been postponed until the New Year. This is with the exception of morning swimming lessons, and these will continue to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

As was the case in the first lockdown and ever since, the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers will remain the focus of our attention. However, it is appreciated that it is natural that announcements such as Saturday’s can lead to uncertainty and apprehension. We will endeavour to get clarity on what will be expected of us and our plans in order to update everyone as soon as we are in a position to do so.

This year we have had to adapt and change the way we work, addressing the challenges we have all faced and attempted to continue to provide a positive contribution to the community. We are very hopeful and confident that we can do the same again this time around.

Thank you for your continued patience. We will update you on plans and actions for the days ahead as soon as we can.

Swimming Lessons have been postponed – 02/11/20

We are sorry to confirm swimming lessons will not be restarting on Monday 2nd November at York Sport Village following the new lockdown starting on November 5th. All lessons will now be postponed until the New Year.

Following the hard work by our swim team and the investments made to enable lessons to restart we are incredibly disappointed that swimming lessons are unable to resume this week. We understand this may be frustrating but we are committed to following all government guidelines at this time and this unfortunately means we can not continue as planned.

Please be assured that your child’s/children’s place in lessons will be the same and held for when we restart. Morning swimming lessons will continue until Wednesday at which point they will stop as we close down and restart as soon as we are able to reopen.

We will be sending out an email to everyone today with further information.

Swimming Lessons, Timetable and family swims – 16/9/20

‘This is no ordinary time, and we’re all facing huge challenges. We’re committed to being as supportive as we can to the sport and physical activity sector, and doing all we can to help people stay active in this new normal. ‘ (Sport England)

We are very pleased to say our swim scheme will be restarting on Monday 2nd November.  Our swim scheme hasn’t fully operated since 17th March when we closed for lockdown.  As a community facility, we strongly believe it is important for children to have opportunities to learn how to swim.

As a result, we will be making changes to the swim timetable from 2nd November, to facilitate the opportunity for children to learn to swim. From this date, the swimming pool will not be available Mon-Fri 4 – 7 pm, and Saturday mornings at 8.30 am-12 pm.

We appreciate this will be an inconvenience to some people who swim at these times, however our commitment to teaching children how to swim means we have had to take the difficult decision to change the timetable in this way. The full timetable for 2nd November onwards can be viewed here.

We have also re introduced Family Swim to our timetable. Family swims are now available in our Small Pool on Sundays at 11am-12pm, and 1.20pm-2.30pm for just £3.95 per person. This is a great a chance to get in the pool with your family in a relaxed environment, with some social distancing thrown in!

Book the session online through our booking portal  or call 01904 325751 to make a booking. Family swim sessions can be booked 3 days in advance by anyone.

Please note the Main Pool will not be open during the Family Swim session, and no Lane Swimming will be available during those times.


Recent changes to government guidance – 24/9/20

‘This is no ordinary time, and we’re all facing huge challenges. We’re committed to being as supportive as we can to the sport and physical activity sector, and doing all we can to help people stay active in this new normal. ‘ (Sport England)

In light of Wednesday’s government announcements we wish to clarify our understanding of implications relevant to our members, and York Sport users.

Gyms, group exercise classes and swimming pools:

  • People can continue to use indoor leisure facilities, including gyms, group exercise classes and swimming pools. However, people should not go to these venues socially in groups of more than six.
  • As a facility, we will be able to continue to provide sessions for more than six people as long as there is no mingling and interaction between individual groups.
  • The majority of activities will continue to take place as normal as we are following strict guidance provided by the government in order to remain COVID-19 Secure. Procedures introduced following lockdown will remain in place for the foreseeable future.
  • Swim England ‘Return to pool’ guidance remains unchanged at present.
  • For group classes, numbers are limited by the size of the venue and based on 100 sq ft per person, including all staff and instructors. CIMSPA and EMD UK recommend that participants are spaced at 3m intervals as this maintains 2m spacing in the event that participants take a step towards each other. More space may be needed for people with disabilities. Instructors and operators may choose to deliver classes with alternative layouts, but these must always enable class participants to stay at least 2m apart.

Indoor and Outdoor team sport and recreational activities:

We are seeking further updates from both Sport England, UK Active and individual sports governing bodies. We will update on any further guidance as and when it is received as this may have further implications to our York Sport community in regards to how we operate and what we can legally provide.

We appreciate there will be many questions during this uncertain period. However, we will seek to summarise and update users as best we can once we have further clarification on the guidance.

Our commitment:

We remain committed to providing our community with opportunities to participate in regular activity which support positive physical and mental wellbeing.

We do expect that advice and guidance is likely to evolve as both local/national restrictions change, and we will monitor and update our guidance to ensure we comply with the Government, Sport England and National Governing Bodies. 

However, we will always do so with the aim of continuing to inspire and enable activities in a safe and welcoming environment. 

As always, we thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate an ever changing landscape.

The York Sport Centre reopens! 1/9/20

We are pleased to announce the reopening of the York Sport Centre! We have been hard at work creating a safe environment and upon returning will notice some

We will be opening in a phased manner similar to the York Sport Village. Our phased reopening will consist of;

  • Phase 1: Tuesday 1st September – Gym reopens
  • Phase 2: 14h September – Tennis, JLD Pitches and Athletics Track open all day
  • Phase 3: 21st September – Indoor Halls and courts reopen

You can find out more information about our reopening with our Reopening FAQ’s page.

Swimming is back! 24/8/20

After the successful reopening of the Gym and fitness classes, we are pleased to announce that the swimming pool will reopen to both members and the public today! Members will have access to the pool for free and non-members can book a swimming session for £4.95 each. Users with an existing 8 for 10 swim card can book by calling reception to book your session on 01904 325751.

Our main pool is open and ready for bookings. We have 3 lanes open which are double width to help with social distancing. Changing rooms will be available for swimmers and we have introduced a one-way system in the changing rooms as well as additional sanitising stations.

finally, with live classes returning to the York Sport Centre, we are ending our Facebook live classes. We’d like to thank everyone who tuned in over the last few months and kept active with our amazing instructors. For those who are not quite ready to return to the gym, we are starting an on-demand and live streaming service so you can still work out from home. You can find out more



10 Days until we reopen! 31/7/20

We are fast approaching the 10th of August and we are currently hard at work cleaning, reorganising and improving our facility ready for your return. As previously mentioned, we are working to a phased reopening schedule starting with the gym and then moving forward to classes and the swimming pool. We would like to thank you all for your patience during this time, and we are keen to get you back to being active as soon as we can.

You can find out more information about our reopening and what it will look like on our Reopening FAQ’s page. Here is what our schedule looks like:

All members will receive an email regarding reopening and their membership over the next few days so please make sure you check your emails. If you do not receive an email please email and we will be in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.

 – The York Sport Team

The countdown to reopening begins 9/7/20

Like many across the country, tonight we welcomed the announcement made by Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden that gyms, pools and leisure facilities can reopen from the end of July.

We will now study official guidance provided by the government and will plan accordingly to meet these requirements with a view to reopening York Sport Village on Monday 10th August. Indoor facilities at York Sport Centre will follow from Tuesday 1st September.

Gym, classes and pool sessions will all require booking in advance. Equipment and facilities will be arranged in a way to ensure social distancing and enhanced cleaning can be provided. We can assure you that procedures will be in place to meet your expectations, to allay any concerns and to safely welcome back all those keen to do so.

A number of changes to the way we operate have already been planned for and we will communicate these in due course. We will only open when we are convinced that we can do so safely. This has always been and remains our priority towards our members, our customers and our staff.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back soon and appreciate all the support and patience we have received to date as we work hard to re-open our doors once again.

 – Keith Morris

 Head of sport


We are on Standby! 29/6/20

We hope you have all managed to stay happy, healthy and active during the lockdown

We appreciate that there is a continued level of uncertainty as to when we will be back in action so we wanted to update you on what’s been happening here at York Sport. 

At this time we are still waiting for further Government updates that will suggest a date when we can reopen.

Whilst we cannot currently confirm dates when our facilities will be open our team has been working hard towards delivering a carefully phased approach to reopening with; added safety measures, a booking system for sessions to ensure social distancing practices, extensive new cleaning protocols and investment, programme changes and additional measures to ensure we are COVID-ready and best placed to welcome your safe return to York Sport.

As you can imagine there have been and continue to be many complexities to work through.

However we are in a positive position to move quickly when able to do so and this is thanks in large part to a huge team effort and the overwhelming support, understanding and feedback from our York Sport community.

Our priority is, and will continue to be, your safety and the safety of our team and our focus on allaying all concerns and meeting all expectations without sacrificing your usual experience at York Sport.

We will keep our plans under review and will take all appropriate steps to make sure that you and our team are able to return to York Sport and regular activity in a safe way. 

We are excited to welcome you back and thank you for trust and patience as we work to the date when this is possible. However, be assured we will only reopen once we believe it is safe to do so. 

We will continue to update you once we know more about a potential date to re-open in line with government and University guidance 

In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 

Stay well and we look forward to welcoming you back in the not too distant future.


 – Keith Morris

 Head of sport

Summer Holiday camps Update 24/6/20

We hope you and your family are keeping well and have remained so during the challenging lock down period.

University sports facilities across the UK and on campus remain closed at this time. Whilst it has been suggested that some easing of restrictions may occur in coming weeks, this remains unconfirmed.

Unfortunately due to the level of uncertainty surrounding access to facilities, staffing and changing guidance applicable to various sporting activities; we regret to announce that we will be unable to host York Sport summer activities this year.

We are proud of the way in which the camps have grown in recent years and we always look forward to seeing the children enjoying the activities organised.

We had hoped until this time that some activity would be possible, but hope that by being able to clarify our position at this time is of some assistance.

Any payments that have been made in respect of any future sessions will be refunded in full, and we look forward to getting active again when safe and accessible to do so.

We apologise for any inconvenience this decision may cause but believe you will understand the Covid-19 related circumstances behind it.

We hope you and your family stay safe and in good health.

 – The York Sport Team

Both York Sport Village and York Sport Centre will be CLOSED from Wednesday 18th March until further notice.

This page will be updated regularly with information as the situation progresses. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience. For the University of York’s Updates please see their Covid-19 updates 

In line with the latest government advice, and with great regret, we are writing to confirm that all York Sport facilities will be closed from Wednesday 18th March until further notice. 

This has been a hugely difficult decision for us to take, but we have to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone who works, or uses, York Sport Village and York Sport Centre. 

This decision also extends to all other current facility bookings and camps which have now also been cancelled. 

We will continue to update all our customers, and we will obviously re-open at the earliest possible opportunity. We want to thank everyone for their understanding during this difficult period.

We recognise that this closure will be a huge disappointment to all our customers who really matter to us, and so in taking this decision we want to confirm that the following will be implemented to minimise long-term inconvenience: 

  • All York Sport memberships fees/payments will be frozen, until a time when facilities are accessible again.
  • Swim scheme payments will be frozen, with swimmers remaining in their present classes.
  • You do not need to contact us to arrange freeze of payment, we will do this for you.

Once we have an understanding of timescales for re-opening, we will be in touch to confirm arrangements for reinstating direct debits, or refunding and crediting for payments already made.

We  have detailed below information for specific enquiries but if your question has not been answered we encourage you to contact York Sport by emailing

The health and wellbeing of the general public, and our staff and students, is our absolute priority. Through our website, we will seek to provide links to ways in which we can continue to support activity of benefit to physical and mental wellbeing.

We apologise for the inevitable inconvenience this closure will cause and hope you stay safe and healthy in the coming weeks.


  • When will York Sport Village and York Sport Centre facilities re-open?

    As the national situation with Covid-19 continues we don’t currently have an indication of a date for re-opening.  We will ensure the facility is ready to re-open at the earliest opportunity, as soon as advice from the government and University of York suggest it is safe to do so.

  • Will members be contacted when we reopen?

    Yes! As soon as we have a date for reopening we will be in touch with all customers to let them know and get everyone using our facilities again.  We will be in touch via email and we will share the good news on social media and through our website.

  • What is happening with my membership payments (direct debit)?

    All direct debit payments have been frozen for all membership types and durations.  The date of reopening will dictate if any adjustments are made to the next direct debit payment. You do not need to contact us to arrange this as we will do it for you.  We will ensure all customers do not have to pay for the facilities during this closure period.

  • Will I be able to keep my normal sports bookings?

    Yes! When we reopen the block bookings that were in place will remain at the same time and same facility.  All invoicing will be adjusted to account for the closure. We will contact everyone when we are ready to re-open to confirm your booking is going ahead.

  • What happens to my payments for swimming lessons?

    All direct debit payments have been frozen. The date of reopening will dictate if any adjustments are made to the next direct debit payment.  

    For parents paying upfront for 7 or 12 week blocks of lessons, the lesson credit unused will be carried over to the lessons when they restart. We will do this for you, so there’s no need to worry.