Velodrome FAQ's

Velodrome FAQ’s

  • What is accreditation? and do I need it to ride the Velodrome?

    Accreditation is a standard of riding required to ride training sessions, SQT’s and some race leagues. It’s a kind of driving test for the velodrome to ensure everyone is safe.  Most people will start this process with a taster session and progress from there, there is no limit to the number of taster sessions you do or a pre-determined number of sessions required to pass each level.  We expect most people to attend a minimum of 2 Level 1 and 2 Level 2 sessions.

  • What type of bike can I use on the Velodrome?

    Track bikes are used for all open and coached sessions.

    Track bikes do not have brakes or gears and have a fixed wheel.  This means that you make minor adjustments to speed through the pedals and these adjustments have an effect on the speed.  Although quite different to road bikes (ie the fact that you keep pedalling at all times), most riders pick up the basic techniques easily.

  • How long is a session?

    Track Taster sessions (Level 1) including family/group taster and Taster Improver (Level 2) last for 50 minutes, please ensure you arrive in good time, to enable you pay at the Sport Village reception, pick up your ticket, get changed and be at the bike collection point 15 minutes before your session starts.  Once you have been issued your bike walk to the velodrome, please do not ride!