Tennis League

Fun and Friendly Tennis Competition

Tennis League

The York Sport Tennis League is based at York Sport Centre, and offers the chance for squash players in North Yorkshire to meet and play against men and women of varying ages and standards. Matches can be played on both our indoor or outdoor courts throughout the year depending on the season. The league runs for 48 weeks of the year, across four different seasons and is open to adults of all abilities aged 16+.

The next league starts:

October 1st
Registration closes September 23rd

The League

Each Tennis league is based around some fixed weekly pre-booked (and pre-paid) slots on the same day (e.g. Thursday League, Sunday 4pm League). Competitors will be provided a list of matches and opponents to play against. and scores will be submitted on a weekly basis.

Each league consists of six (or more) players who play each other twice during a round (i.e. 10 games each). A round lasts 3-4 months.

The York Sport leagues rely on both regular and alternate players acting on communications promptly and reporting their results. Dedicated WhatsApp groups are used for day-to-day communication and Playwaze is used to record results.

Both Playwaze-hosted leagues and ladders are used as explained below.

Players are of two kinds (reflecting their ability to commit to a weekly booking slot):

1. Regulars – these players pay £40 in advance. There is no re-booking of slots or refunds if matches are not played. Only results between regular players are recorded in the relevant Playwaze League. Positions in the league at the end of a round are meaningful.

2. Alternates – a pool of “alternate” players step in to ensure no booking slot goes unused in the event of a regular player (or players) being able to make a fixture. The alternate player(s) then re-imburse the regular player(s) for the court fee (at £4 per player). Results for games involving one or more alternate players are recorded in the relevant ladder. The positions in the ladder at the end of a round are not meaningful – the ladder is just a handy device for recording results involving alternate players.


The League Includes:When you join the league you get:

• Access to our changing facilities.
• FREE onsite parking available after 6pm, £1 per hour between 8am-6pm.
• Discount rate on Tennis court bookings
• One VIP York Sport Village Pass.