Junior Tennis Courses

From young children to teens; we have the perfect courses for your child


Junior Tennis Courses

Our junior tennis courses run for 48 weeks of the year and is designed to gradually progress your child through our tennis pathway. You can join at any time – all of our courses operate on a rolling basis.  To make an enquiry or to book onto a course please complete the online form and a member of the team will get back to you shortly. Why not come a long for a taster session for FREE?

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Payment Method Price
Direct Debit £20 per month
Course of 12 weeks £60 per course
Private Lesson (Individual) £20 per lesson
Private Lesson (Group: 2-3 people) £30 per lesson
Taster Session Free

1 Month Tennis Gift Vouchers

Buy a gift of tennis with York Sport one month tennis gift vouchers. Valid for both Adult and Junior classes to give your friends or family members an experience not to forget. To make an enquiry or to purchase your gift voucher please click here.

JUNIOR: £20. This voucher entitles you to 4 sessions at Mini Red, Mini Orange or Mini Green

*Vouchers have a 12 month expiry * Only 1 Voucher permitted per person per year.

  • Mini Red (ages 5 - 8 years)

    Mini Red is designed for kids aged 5-8 years. It is played by using softer, slower balls, shorter racquets and a smaller court. Designed for children to have fun while developing longer rallies and experimenting with different types of shots. It is just like the full game, but a tiny version!

  • Mini Orange (ages 8-9 years)

    Mini Orange players continue their tennis development at age 8 – 9 years. Similar to Mini Red, it is played with shorter rackets and slower balls. However, Mini Orange is played on a larger tennis court. Orange encourages fun & friendly competition and develops tennis technique & tactics.

  • Mini Green and Junior (ages 10+)

    Mini Green is the last step of the Mini Tennis progressions before players move onto full compression tennis balls and full scoring to 6. This stage focuses on advanced technique and tactics.

  • Tennis Mini Red Developement Squad

    The Mini Red Development Squad is designed for players who can rally comfortably with a partner from the Mini Red baseline. The squad will focus more on implementing tactics in preparation for competition as well as personal feedback on your child’s technique and movement on court. With 6 Mini Red courts over 3 full tennis courts the squad sessions provide more rally and points scoring opportunities.

    The Development Squad is for children aged 5 –  8 and runs for 48 weeks of the year. Prices:

    12 week course for £80 or Direct debit £28 per month.

    To make an enquiry please email tennis@york-sport.com and a member of the team will get back to you shortly.

  • LTA Rally Awards

    The LTA Mini Tennis Rally Awards are designed for children aged between 3 and 10 taking part in Mini Tennis at all levels (i.e. Mini Red, Mini Orange and Mini Green).

    The Rally Awards are completed in order to gain the requisite award. When achieving a particular award a child then moves onto the next stage and these become progressively harder.

    There are 4 consistent skill areas that children at Red, Orange and Green are tested on, these are:

    • Rally : Learning and developing hitting between each other
    • Serving : Learning and developing serving skills (starting a rally / point)
    • Come to the net : Learning and developing moving forwards and volleying
    • Score and Compete : Learning the rules, how to score and compete in a fair manner

    A player must complete all 4 areas to complete the award, but can be working at different levels at one time (i.e. could be working towards Rally 5 and Serve 10 at the same time).

    The difficulty level is progressed by advancing the players court position and number of shots they have to successfully complete. The difficulty level is represented by the number, the higher the number the more difficult the award i.e. RED 20 is harder than RED 5.

    There are more levels in Red than in Orange or Green as players stay longer in this stage. After completing the Green stage, mini players will be ready to go on to enjoy the full game of tennis.

    Rally Awards

    5 10 15




    x x










    Every session the children on the programme will be assessed against the criteria in Mini Red, Orange and Green in order to see if whether they have achieved an award. If so they will receive a certificate.

  • Private Coaching Lessons

    York Sport has a team of LTA Licensed Tennis coaches heading our growing Tennis programme. We are committed to providing quality coaching for individuals and groups.

    Our sessions allow individuals and groups to improve their game, with detailed feedback from our LTA License and Accredited Club Coaches.

    Category Price
    Individual Lesson £20
    Group Lesson £30