Racquet Affiliation

Play regularly? Then save, save, save!

Racquet Affiliation

Frequent players can enjoy discounted off-peak court hire when they purchase the York Sport Racquet Affiliation.


The affiliation costs:

Public : £59

Concession : £45  (Students, University of York Staff, over 60’s, and under 16’s)


Affiliate Discounted Court Rates

Facility Affiliate York Sport Member Public
Tennis Court Hire £5.60 £8.30 £9.30
Squash Court Hire £4.50 £6.20 £7.20
Badminton Court Hire £5.60 £8.30 £9.30
Table Tennis Court Hire £5.20 £5.20 £8.80

To buy yours please click here or contact us at tennis@york-sport.com.