Learn to Ride

Learn to Ride


Lessons are currently available on Sundays and Mondays. If lessons are fully booked, please register on the waiting list.




Our 1:1 Learn to Ride session will get you riding in no time.  Sessions are 60 minutes of fun that will have you riding before you know it!  Sessions are progressive and for most people with good balance, they will be riding, steering and braking by the end of it. If you don’t have the balance, you might need two sessions to grasp all the basics. Our sessions follow a simple process in which you will start on a small bike that is suitable for beginners.

We then start to glide which helps develop balance, with the help of a gentle slope! We then extend the distance of the glide as you get more and more confident, at this stage we will introduce ‘easy steering’. After you have mastered gliding and steering, we will add braking. You will then progress onto a bike with pedals, continuing to practice and introduce use of the pedals whilst gliding. At this point you will be very close to riding. Once you are riding, steering and braking we will add some cones to practice turning and the final element will be to set off from a stationary position.

We can progress these skills in the second sessions if required depending on how quickly you learn, we aim to master all the basics in their first hour!

All bikes and helmet provided, these sessions are outside so please dress appropriately.

£30 per session


Dave was top-notch, very knowledgeable and helpful.

Dave was a kind and focused instructor he stuck to his plan and had total patience for 60 minutes after which my daughter was riding unaided across the track. He was really calm, encouraging, gave my daughter trust in him to succeed. He’s a great instructor and we would recommend him, so we hope he reads this feedback.

I attended with my 9 year old twins and expected to have to attend a number of sessions. Dave did an excellent job and had both of Children riding unassisted within an hour.
A very patient, knowledge and friendly tutor, I would have no hesitation in recommending this session.

Dave was such a fantastic instructor for 1:1 Learn to Ride. My son was cycling without support in such a short space of time. Dave was clear, supportive, kind and encouraging. We feel so lucky to have had such a great coach for our son.

The patience and persistence of teaching was excellent she was Riding within 2 lessons – amazing!

Brilliant 1-1 session has given so much time to my son and his confidence to ride his bike is sky high.

I was very impressed by the coach. His patience and help.

My grandson learned a lot and got on well with the coach

Really helpful supportive instructor

The 1-1 engagement from the coach was very professional and very understanding and supportive

Excellent lesson my son can’t wait to return, Thank u

1:1 session, patience of the instructor who promised to have my son riding in the hour & he was!

Great value for money!

My daughter really struggled with balancing on the bike, the coach was really patient with her and very encouraging. 
She has now learnt to ride in two sessions. Extremely happy with the course. Would definitely recommend to friends.

Total number of people in 2022 who learnt to ride at York Sport was 59