York Sport Membership FAQs

Frequently asked questions about memberships at York Sport

York Sport Membership FAQs

If you have a question that is not in the FAQs, or have a query about any of the answers then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can do this by calling 01904 325751, or emailing info@york-sport.com.

  • Can I bring guests?

    At York Sport Village you are able to bring guests to use the swimming facilities but not to the gym or exercise classes. Guests must pay to use the pool and must use the Village changing facilities.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID 19 and social distancing restrictions, we are currently unable to issue guest passes.

  • Can I put my membership on hold?

    Members are allowed to freeze their membership for free once during a 12 month period. This is for a minimum of one month to a maximum of 3 consecutive months. Members may take additional freeze periods in any 12 month period.  These freezes will however incur an Administration Fee of £10 per additional frozen month to defray additional costs incurred by York Sport in administering such additional freezes.

    If you are on a rolling monthly membership you can freeze by contacting Harlands Ltd at c.service@harlandsgroup.co.uk, or 01444 449166, a minimum of one month prior to the next payment date.

    If you have an annual or 3 month membership you can freeze by contacting York Sport by e-mail to info@york-sport.com, providing a minimum of one month notice.

  • Can I take my child into the members changing room?

    Children under the age of 12 months old who are unable to walk may to go into the members changing room, members with children over this age will find the village changing room more suitable with cubicles and a family changing area.

  • Do you have off-peak membership?

    We have a Student Saver membership that gives access from opening until 4.30pm Monday to Friday, and from 2pm until close on a weekend.  All other memberships give full access at any time.

  • Accommodation Membership Cancellation

    Requests to cancel Accommodation Memberships will be considered in line with cancellation terms and conditions. If your Accommodation Membership is cancelled, this will result in a credit on your University account to be used for future payments.