Yorkshire’s only outdoor velodrome

York Sport Velodrome

York Sport village is home to Yorkshire’s only outdoor velodrome! Our 250m long outdoor Velodrome provides an exhilarating experience for those whom are brave enough to ride it. Our Velodrome has hosted cycling competitions, Olympic training events and even the Micklegate run Soapbox testing day.

Our 250m Olympic-sized outdoor Velodrome has 30 degree banking at each end, providing an exhilarating cycling experience unique to Yorkshire.

Velodrome Courses

Ride Yorkshire’s Most Exhilarating Cycling Experience! Open between May-October 2019.

We currently have no courses scheduled. 

Junior Velodrome Courses

Junior sessions are available to 8-13 years, with aged 14+ years able to attend the adult sessions. Delivered between May – September, the lessons teach you how to confidently ride a track bike & our Velodrome. The 4 week course (allow 6 weeks) are designed to make you a competent track rider.  Your course will be on the same day and time every week.

We currently have no courses scheduled. 

Course Content

Stage 1 – Teaches you basic control and safety which include stopping and starting, basic pace judgement, accelerating, slowing down, using the track to speed up and slow down, whilst practicing your observational skills.

Stage 2 – Building on the foundation skills learnt at stage 1 you will move to riding in small groups of 2, 4 and 6 riders, in a line along and across the track. You will be able to comfortably ride above the blue line.

Stage 3 – We introduce changes in the group formation, stacking riding up and down the banking (lumps and bumps) there will also be some coach let drills, to demonstrate & practice the skills you have learnt so far!

Velodrome Accreditation 

Once you have finished the course and the coach has signed you off, you are ready for track accreditation. This is our final assessment and takes around 90 minutes sessions, riders will be emailed directly with booking details.

We currently have no accreditation courses scheduled.

Velodrome Accredited Riders

If you already have accreditation from York Sport or any UK indoor velodrome you can ride our velodrome for as little £6.00 or £10.00 for two hours.  If it’s your first time booking please complete the registration form here, regular users contact with your preferred day and time.  It’s worth checking the forecast as the velodrome can’t be ridden in the wet.

Velodrome Group Bookings 

Why not book a group session and have the velodrome all to your self, our coach led group sessions mean you can come along together and learn how to ride the Velodrome! We have various times available evenings and weekends, minimum group size is 8 maximum group size in 12. Sessions are £8.00 per person, contact us with your preferred time

It is available to hire providing you are Velodrome accredited or you are part of a course run by an accredited coach. Please note that the access to the velodrome is weather dependent, meaning the velodrome is only available to hire between May and October and you booking may be moved or cancelled depending on the conditions on the day.

What do I need?

You will need a pair of trainers and clothing that won’t get caught in the chain or wheels. We can provide specialist bikes needed to ride the Velodrome as standard, along with helmet hire.

If you have any questions please email