Swimming Lesson FAQ's

All you need to know before lessons restart!

Swimming Lesson FAQ’s


For Duckling lessons (3yrs+) parents will now need to go in the water with their child.

We have been working hard to restart the swimming lessons, whilst reassuring you that the safety of our customers (and staff) is paramount. We would like to give you an update and try to answer some of the questions that we have been receiving recently. We can’t wait to see you all again.

  • How many parents/guardians and siblings can attend?

    We have a policy of 1 child and 1 adult attending.  We are unable to allow siblings to attend at the same time, this is to ensure we adhere to government and Swim England guidelines, as well as capacity limits in the areas used for swimming lessons.

  • Will we have the same instructor as normal?

    We cannot guarantee the same teacher as the times of the lessons have changed and Teachers will now be teaching from the poolside and so will have a set teaching station for the whole evening.

  • How will you be sanitising equipment?

    Children will be encouraged to use the same float, woggle or toys throughout the lesson and then between lessons these will be removed and cleaned by the teachers by submerging all equipment in the pool water and allowed to dry (which kills off the virus). Equipment will also be cleaned before and after swimming lessons each day.

  • How will drop off and collection work?

    Children will need to be on time (10 minutes early) so that they can be allowed into the marquee to get changed down to their swimwear, and on poolside ready to start their lesson on time. Parents can then either exit to the car park or go up to the pool balcony. NO late comers will be excepted, so please be on time. 

  • Will the entrance and exit be the same?

    We have installed a marquee as a ‘Dry Changing’ area.  This marquee is located at the back of the building near the 3G football pitches.  This will be the new entrance for evening and weekend lessons. The exit will be the same via the Village Changing room.

  • Will changing rooms be available?

    We ask that all participants in swim lessons arrive pool ready, and undress to their swimwear in the marquee area.  Please do not arrive needing to change into a swimsuit as there will not be private cubicles available.  Please take your child’s belongings with you after leaving the marquee.  The normal Village changing rooms will be available after the lesson.

  • What time should we arrive?

    Children/Parents will need to arrive at the marquee no more than 10 mins before the lessons start times.  We have staggered the lesson start times to comply with capacity restrictions in changing areas.

  • Where can I watch the lessons?

    The Pool Balcony will be open to spectate lessons, but please maintain social distancing in this area.  The café will be open for takeaway drinks only, you will not be able to sit in the café and watch the swim lessons.

    Only the Adult bringing the child to lessons can watch from the balcony. Due to capacity, we are not able to have more than one adult per child in the balcony.

  • Do we need to wear face coverings?

    We ask everyone over the age of 11 to wear a face covering at all times while inside the Marquee and the main Sport Village Building.  This isn’t required when taking part in a lesson.

  • Is there a different exit from the poolside?

    The normal Village Changing Room will be used after your child’s lesson has finished. You will need to meet your child in this area after their lesson and take their belongings to them

  • Will showers be available?

    Showers and cubicles are both available in the Village Changing room.  We encourage where possible to wait and shower at home to reduce time spent in the area.  Only use cubicles that have been cleaned prior to use (see Green/Red Card on seated bench).