Swimming Lessons

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Swimming Lessons

Our swimming lessons will be back April 12th!

Following the latest government announcement, our swimming lessons will be restarting from the 12th April! We can’t wait to get back into the pool. We will be sending emails to everyone on our swim schemes shortly with more details so please stand by for more information. 

Head to our swimming lesson FAQ’s Page for more information 

Our extensive timetable of lessons follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway. This structured pathway allows all learners to progress at their own pace, developing into confident swimmers. We carefully monitor the progress of each pupil, ensuring that they improve and develop according to their individual needs and ability. You can track this progress online via our Home Portal. All swimmers enjoy 30 minute lessons. This is with the exception of the Development Squads who have 60 minute lessons. Our courses run for four, seven or 12 consecutive weeks accordingly.

All individuals enrolled on any of our swim schemes must complete a Medical Emergency Contact Detail form, which can be found here.

Please note: there is a one-off wristband payment of £5 per person enrolled on our swim scheme. Monthly Direct Debit payments include four free lessons per year to cover a two week break at Christmas and for any unforeseen pool closures.

All our lessons run throughout the year (through school holidays) apart from a break at Christmas and continue on Bank Holiday Mondays as well.


Due to high demand our enquiry form is currently closed

Find your lesson:

  • Multi skills

    This 60 minute class is for those who want to have more fun int he water and learn some new skills at the same time! The class consists of Rookie Lifeguard, snorkeling, Challenge awards and swim fit.


    Starting 8th June at 11am, and running Saturday mornings for 12 weeks 

    Direct Debit: £26 per month
    12 Consecutive Week Course: £78

  • Adult & Child Discovery Ducklings (6 months - 3 years)

    Enjoy some quality time with your little ones whilst building their confidence in the water. Classes are split into 6-18 months and 18 months – 3 years. An adult must go in the water with the child on lessons.

    Children work towards the Discovery Duckling Awards.

    Available Monday – Friday mornings

    Direct Debit: £26 per month
    Seven Consecutive Week Course: £45.50

  • Ducklings Badge 1-4 (3-5 years)

    Three to five year olds will be introduced to different strokes and improve their confidence in the water. Please note that parents do not join their children in the water, but can watch from the cafe or balcony.

    Children work towards the Duckling Awards.

    Available Monday – Saturday

    Direct Debit: £26 per month
    12 Consecutive Week Course: £78

  • Learn to Swim Stages 1 - 8 (5 years +)

    Children will develop the FUNdamentals of swimming, learning how to be a confident and safe swimmer.

    Children work through stages 1-8 and distance badges 5m-800m.

    Available Monday – Saturday

    Direct Debit: £26 per month
    12 Consecutive Week Course: £78

  • Development Squads (stages 9-10)

    Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Development Squads train with a view towards competitive swimming.

    Children are able to complete Stages 9 & 10 and distance 1,000m to 1 mile.

    Bronze Development Squad
    Direct Debit: £26 per month
    12 Consecutive Week Course: £78

    Available Monday to Saturday – attending once a week

    Silver Development Squad
    Direct Debit: £38 per month
    12 Consecutive Week Course: £114

    Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday- attending twice a week

    Gold Development Squad
    Direct Debit: £49 per month
    12 Consecutive Week Course: £147

    Available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – attending three times a week

  • Adults

    You’re never too old to learn how to swim! Join our friendly classes and become a competent swimmer.

    Classes are split into Beginners, Beginners 10m+, Improvers 25m+ and Advanced.

    Please use the following link to see how the classes are split http://www.swimming.org/learntoswim/asa-adult-learn-to-swim-awards/

    Available Wednesday evenings from 19:00-20:00

    We recommend that Adults attend a trial first so that we can assess which ability class you would need and then if there is space you can join the class or be added to the correct waiting list. The trail is £9.00.

    Direct Debit: £36 per month
    Four Consecutive Week Course: £36