Squash League

Our Fun and Friendly Squash League its on it way – NEXT  Season will Start In 24th July 2024

Please register your interest by contacting our activities team.  Full details below – Deadline 15th July

Squash League

Our York Sport Squash League takes place at the York Sport Centre and all matches are played in our indoor squash courts. The league offers the chance for squash players in North Yorkshire to meet and play against other adults of varying ages and standards.  The Squash league is open to adults of all abilities aged 16+.

The League

The York Sport Squash League runs throughout the year! You will be initially placed in one of the following divisions: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, subject to the suitability of the players with a view to introducing more levels of play in the future. Competitors will use WhatsApp to access the list of fixtures and take part in all communication to discuss arrangements for the matches. Scores will be submitted on a weekly basis. Squash matches will be played for the duration of 10 – 14 weeks on a fixed day and time.

The next league starts:

24th July 2024

It will costs £40 per person for the duration of  10-12 weeks. The total amount payable is in full and in advance.   Each player will play 10-12 games per season and play one another at least twice depending on player numbers in each group.

You can sign up online once you have been instructed to by our Activities team.

More detailed league information and rules can be found below.

Your benefits:

• Access to our changing facilities
• Discounted rate on squash court bookings
• FREE onsite parking
• One VIP Guest Pass to York Sport Village

Contact us on activities@york-sport.com

or fill out the form below:

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  • League Information

    A dedicated WhatsApp group is used for day-to-day communication.  Players are required to download the platform and use it purposefully and accordingly.

  • Registration, Entry and Fees

    You need to sign up via online Wufoo form available from activities@york-sport.com or York Sport website.

    It is £40 per person for the duration of  10-12 weeks including court hire. The players will play one another twice around 10-12 games.

    A maximum of 8 player per division. Subject to change depending on the final number.

  • Match Play Rules
    1. A spreadsheet will be used to setup fixtures and to record the results.
    2. Players are requested to follow the order and schedule of games. These can only be changed in special circumstances and must be communicated to the Activities Administrator who will then authorize the modification.  The administrator will not be held responsible for helping find a cover for the cancelled match, nor for rescheduling the game, these will have to be carried out by the players themselves.
    3. A WhatsApp group will be used to communicate results and to rearrange matches in case when the original games can’t be played.
    4. Home players (the first-named in the fixture list) provide the balls and report the result.
    5. Please report results to the relevant WhatsApp group,  Admins will add them into the Squash League spreadsheet.
    6. The court bookings lasts 40 minutes.
    7. The Leagues have been set up to award 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
    8.  Although Walkovers (of any sort) earn 0 points, this should never happen because:
    9. a). The original fixture will be reset to the last possible date and time in the round and the original players will play the game at a later date (but before the end of the round).
      b). If the game is still unable to be played before the end of the round then the circumstances will be reported to the administrator who will then decide what result should be recorded.
    10. Match will start as soon as both players are warmed up. Warm up is included on the 40minutes match court booking.  Players are to finish the point they are playing and ensure they are off the court on the hour of their booking. If the final game cannot be completed then only the earlier games are reported. There are no tie-breaks or deciding match points.
    11. Matches will be self-officiated with the players taking responsibility for controlling the game. The final decision or any disputes must be met as a mutual agreement between the two players and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play.
    12. Any disputes or complaints in connection with a match need to be reported to the administrator within 24 hours. The administrator’s decision will be final.
    13. If a League is short of players then new players may join at any time and play fixtures that have been missed.
    14. You may play in as many Leagues as you wish as long as this is not excluding other players.
    15. There is no explicit promotion or demotion between Leagues though re-grouping of players may occur at any point of the leagues so that they are more evenly matched – this only applies when there are more levels of play.
    16. It is asked of you to fulfill all scheduled fixtures.
    17. The scoring of matches will follow basic squash rules, these can be found on the England Squash website. Matches will be best of 5 games to 11 points following a modern scoring rally.  However, to make the match longer we agreed to 15 points. A player must win by 2 points, 12-10, 13-11 etc.
    18. Matches will start after the knock up (a maximum of three minutes). The match is won when the first person reaches three games. In the event of an unfinished match the number of whole games won is recorded. I.e. 2-1.
    19. However in the event of a 3-0 win lasting only a few minutes please be courteous enough to play out the 40 minuets light time.
    20. Points will be awarded for the following scores:
    21. Game score Points
      3-0 6 1
      3-1 5 2
      3-2 4 3
      2-2 2 2
      1-1 2 2
    22. York Sport will not provide any equipment. Players must provide their own racquets and bring squash balls to each match. Squash rackets can be hired from York Sport reception at a charge of £1.00 and squash balls can be purchased at £3.50.
  • Disputes

    Matches will be self-officiated, with the players taking responsibility for controlling the game. The final decision on any disputes must be met as a mutual agreement between the two players and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play.

    Any disputes or complaints in connection with a match need to be received in writing within 3 days of the match, addressed to the Activities Team at activities@york-sport.com.

  • League Champion

    The winner of the York Squash League will be officially announced via email and Whatsapp at the end of the season. The Winner will be awarded with a personal Congratulation letter from York Sport, Medal and a free squash court pass; this will also be announced on our social media channels.

    For more information or any problems through the league please contact York Sport Activities Team via email on activities@york-sport.com