Squash League

Fun and Friendly Squash Competition

Squash League

The York Sport Squash League is based at York Sport Centre, and offers the chance for squash players in North Yorkshire to meet and play against men and women of varying ages and standards.
Matches are played in our newly refurbished indoor courts at York Sport Centre, the Squash league is open to adults of all abilities aged 16+.

The League

The York Sport squash league runs for throughout the year, and in one division: Intermediate. Competitors will be provided a list of games and opponents to play against and you will agree a time which best suits you to play your fixture. Scores will be submitted on a weekly basis. Squash Matches will be played on Thursday nights, between 7.40-8pm for a duration of 10 weeks.

The next league starts:

SEPTEMBER 5th 2019
Registration closes August 28th

When you join the league you get:

• Access to our changing facilities.
• Discount rate on squash court bookings.
• FREE onsite parking available after 6pm, £1 per hour between 8am-6pm.
• One VIP York Sport Village Pass.

Sign up:

  • League Information & Rules

    Fixtures will be pulled at random and sent to all members at the start of the season.
    Fixtures should be made by calling or e-mailing other players. Member contact details can be found on the SportPad – league administration program provided with the fixtures. New members will be required to register a new account with SportPad.

    If you are the ‘home’ player you are responsible for making first contact and making sure the game is scheduled. If you are challenged, you must play the match within the week where possible. If you are unable to fulfill the fixture in this time-frame an agreement between both players of when this will be played must be reached otherwise the points (6-1) will be rewarded to the opponent who is available to play.

    If a home player has tried to contact the opponent on 2 different occasions within a week but no response has been received then the game is found as a forfeit and a score (6-1) will go to the home player. It is asked of you to fulfill all scheduled fixtures.

  • Registration, Entry and Fees

    Members of the league are to provide the following details when registering:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Telephone contact number

    Registration to the league must be completed by the stated time in order to be entered for the start of the competition.

    A £10.00 registration fee needs to be paid before registration is complete. This payment is for new members only. Payment ideally should be made on receipt of your application, but needs to be made before the deadline date. Without paying the registration fee your league place will not be reserved.

    On receipt of payment York Sport will send you a confirmation email. Re-enrolling is free of charge, however if you drop out of the league for one season you will be required to pay your £10 registration to re-enroll at a later date if you choose to sign back up.

    The cost of the court should be split between the players (payment should be made before play commences). The cost of the court is £6.00. If you are booking a court in advance payment will be need to be made on booking.

    You can purchase a York Sport racket affiliate to get cheaper rate on court hire; badminton, squash, table tennis and tennis. A York Sport Racket affiliation costs £59 public and £45 Concessions, a squash court will cost £4.50 with the affiliation.

    It is the ‘home’ player’s responsibility to liaise with their opponent to find out their availability and to book the court. A court can be booked by visiting or calling York Sport on 01904 323856. You can also book your court online by visiting our booking portal. You will need your person ID number to book online; you can request this number from the sport development team (sports-development@york.ac.uk).

    If fixtures are missed without a minimum of 24hrs notice prior to the match time the court fees will still be payable. You can transfer your booking to another day free of charge. The courts can only be booked 40mins at a time.

  • Match Play Rules

    The scoring of matches will follow basic squash rules, these can be found on the England Squash website. Matches will be best of 5 games to 9 points following traditional scoring rally. If the score is tied at 8-8, play the first to 10 points E.g. 10-8 or 10-9.

    Matches will start after the knock up (a maximum of three minutes). The match is won when the first person reaches three games. In the event of an unfinished match the number of whole games won is recorded. I.e. 2-1
    In the event of a 3-0 win lasting only a few minutes please be courteous enough to play out the 40 minuets light time.Points will be awarded for the following scores:

    Game score Points
    3-0 6 1
    3-1 6 2
    3-2 6 4
    2-2 3 3
    1-1 2 2

    York Sport will not provide any equipment. Players must provide their own racquets and bring squash balls to each match. Squash rackets can be hired from York Sport reception at a charge of £1.00 and squash balls can be purchased at £3.50.

    Results should be entered onto a score card; these can be collected from York Sport reception and should be handed in to reception on completion of the match. Both players must sign the match card to confirm the score. Alternatively players must submit their scores to the tennis team via email
    at sports-development@york.ac.uk cc’ing their opponent into the email.
    Scores should be submitted as soon as possible after the fixture has been played.

  • Disputes

    Matches will be self-officiated, with the players taking responsibility for controlling the game. The final decision on any disputes must be met as a mutual agreement between the two players and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play. Any disputes or complaints in connection with a match need to be received in writing within 3 days of the match, addressed to the sport development team at sports-development@york.ac.uk.

  • League Champion

    After the last week of the games, we will officially announce the winner of the York Squash League at the end of the season. The Winner will be awarded with the York Sport Squash Plaque, Medal and a free squash court pass.

    For more information or any problems through the league please contact York Sport Development team via email on sports-development@york.ac.uk.