Roller Skiing

Rollerblading + Skiing. Simples.

Roller Skiing

Roller Skiing- the closest you can get to cross country skiing without the

If you are after a sport to build stamina and condition your body in the inimitable way that cross country skiing does, then roller skiing is the perfect solution. Roller skiing was born from cross country skiing and is often used as the basis of summer training for cross country skiers. But it is also a sport in its own right. It is a low-impact, full-body exercise that is great for core body strength, balance and over all fitness whilst being a great way to train. It is also a chance for the whole family to try something new at the same time as having fun and improving fitness in the outdoors.

The cycle track at York Sport hosts two coaching and training sessions per week which are run by Yorkshire Dales Cross Country Ski Club. Beginners of all abilities will be guided through the techniques of cross country skiing by Instructors who hold up to date Snowsport England qualifications.

All of our roller skiing take place on our 1km cycle circuit at York Sport Village. The cycle circuit is a great, traffic free environment to get your roller skis on and have a great time.

Session details:
Fridays, 7.30-9pm
Sundays, 9-11am

What to do if you would like to participate in one of these sessions:
To ensure that you have the all of the information you need – and that we have the correct equipment and an instructor ready for you – please contact in advance to let us know that you want to come along.

For more information please contact